Nanjing China Electronics Panda Crystal Technology Corporation announces that now the series HLX-K, HLX-N, HLX-KC, HLX-KD, HLX-L, HLX-ON, HLX-OM are also available with packing type “3000pcs per reel” in addition to the “1000pcs per reel” already in use.
The dimensions of the reel do not change and are the same for both packing types
Part numbering for packing 1000/reel does not change and still shows TR at the end
Part numbering for packing 3000/reel will show “T3” at the end physical, electrical, functional characteristics and the quality of the components are the same only the quantity of components per reel is different between the two packing types.

2023 03 22 – Declaration for Packing Change