Syfer announces TUV approval will change from X & Y class to X class only for 1808/1812 Safety Certified MLCC.

With the relocation from Syfer UK to Suzhou China (refer to PCN reference 2013/03), TUV has informed Syfer that there has been a policy change in TUV and it is no longer possible to obtain approval for 1808 & 1812 size Y class safety capacitors. A copy of the TUV letter is included in this PCN for information.

Please note that this PCN only applies to the TUV Y class approval for:
•Part numbers beginning with 1808 or 1812 and ending with SP or PY2.
For example:  1808JA250102KXTSP 1808JA250221JCTPY2

This PCN does not apply to:
•1808 or 1812 SP or PY2 TUV X class approval. This approval is not affected by this change.
•1808 or 1812 UL approval.
•Larger case sizes such as 2215.