X2Y (E03) Integrated Passive Component – C0G with FlexiCapTM termination E01 and E07 EMI Filters – C0G with FlexiCapTM termination

The 3 terminal C0G components with FlexiCapTM termination will be changed to sintered termination.This notification only applies to 3 terminal C0G components supplied with FlexiCapTM termination (Syfer part number termination codes Y and H) – no other C0G components supplied by Syfer are affected by this notification. The reasons for the withdrawal are:
(I) On 3 terminal C0G components, FlexiCapTM is not actually required. The FlexiCapTM material provides minimal improvement when compared with sintered termination on C0G components.
(II) Sintered termination provides an improved bond with the side termination on 3 terminal C0G  components.