HolyStone is pleased to announce the release two new product ranges, these are the HCT Series and HCP Series. Attached are the datasheets for both these new ranges.



HCT Series
The HCT Series (X7T dielectric) is ideally suited in applications where the capacitance at working voltage is critical to the circuit design such as LED drivers, power adapters, power supplies and USB chargers. It has extremely good DC bias characteristics compared to X7R/X5R, resulting in a lower initial capacitance requirement. In addition, the HolyStone X7T dielectric has very low acoustic noise characteristics. Acoustic noise can be an issue in many applications where an AC signal is applied to the capacitor resulting in an audible ringing. This dielectric material is an ideal solution to the problem of acoustic noise.

HCP Series
The HCP series (X7P dielectric) has all the benefits of the HCT series but with the added advantage of increased thermal stability over the working temperature range. X7P dielectric has a ±10% capacitance change from -55°C to +125°C and combined with its low DC bias makes these parts very stable in applications where minimal capacitance change is required over temperature and applied DC voltage. Both the HCT and HCP series are available with Polymer Termination (SuperTerm) and Arc Prevention coating.