KDK - Kyushu Dentsu Company Ltd

KDK is located 340 Fukushige Omura-City Nagasaki 856-0006 JAPAN. KDK have more than 30-years experience of Quarts Industry and KDK provides various type of devices all over the world. All products originally developed in Japan, and factory in China and  Indonesia support competitive production which satisfy the Japanese Quality.

One of advantage of KDK is High frequency process which originally created in house allowed us to provide various type of high frequency oscillators.  Any type of products KDK develop and produce by customer request

Products list: Crystal Filters, Crystal Units, Oscillators, VCTCXO, VCXO

CEC – Nanjing China Electronics Panda Crystal Tech

CEC Panda Crystal Technology Corporation (CEC Xtal, former HLX -  Nanjing HuaLianXing El. Co) is a leading quartz based timing device manufacturer headquartered in China. CEC Xtal combines its strength in advanced product R&D, high-volume production and uncompromised quality control to become a leader in the industry. Guided by the strategy of creating our own brand, CEC Xtal drives to develop key technology and process. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and production lines, augmented by its engineering capacity, CEC Xtal manufactures a series of quartz based products including resonators, oscillators and filters.

During the past 17 years, CEC Xtal has forged strategic supplier-customer relationship with a number of world renowned companies in consumer, automotive, telecommunications and other industries. Leveraging our world-wide support network, CEC Xtal is committed to provide our valued customers world-class products and customers support.

Products list: Crystal Filters, Crystal Units, Oscillators, Tuning Fork Crystal, VCTCXO, VCXO