Safety Capacitors

Holystone Enterprise Company Limited (HEC)

Holy Stone Enterprise Company Limited (HEC) – a market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality multilayer ceramic capacitors and ceramic-based RF components.

Holy Stone Enterprise Company Limited is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with factories in Lungtan, Taiwan, and Guangdon, China. The company was founded in 1981 and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Holy Stone’s European headquarters, based in Norwich, UK.

Holy Stone produces a broad line of standard and specialised products with the support of an advanced materials laboratory in Japan. Our modern factories utilise state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The facilities are ISO-9000-2000, ISO-14001 and QS 9000 certified. The company also holds many internationally recognised product approvals for its safety capacitors.

To complement the full range of ceramic capacitors, there is a strong focus on Application Specific Products and Technologies such as:

• High voltage capacitors (200VDC to 10KVDC)
• Y3/X2 and Y2/X1 SM safety-certified capacitors
• X1/Y2 and X1/Y1 safety-certified disc capacitors
• Polymer terminated capacitors (SuperTerm)
• High C/V Tantalum replacements (1uF to 100uF)
• High CV Class 1 (NPO/COG) products for stability and efficiency
• LTCC components for a variety of RF applications
• High-Q and Low ESL at high frequency
• EMI chip filter products
• Chip capacitor arrays
• Low profile capacitors
• High voltage disc capacitors for inverter and power supplies

Products list: Ceramic Cap Arrays, Ceramic Capacitors

Knowles Capacitors

Knowles Capacitors manufactures  Multilayer, High Reliability, Single Layer and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Thin Film Devices. Our business was formed by combining Dielectric Laboratories, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics, each well-established specialty capacitor makers with a combined history of over 175 years, into a single organization with manufacturing and R&D locations in North America, Asia and Europe.

Our expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in applications where function and reliability are key. The markets we serve include medical implantable and medical equipment, military, aerospace/avionics, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration, instrumentation, industrial electronics, optical networks, telecom and automotive.
Capacitor types range from 0.47pF to 22µF and from 10Vdc to 12kVdc in SMD or leaded packages, including surface mount chip, radial leaded, ultra low ESR , High 'Q', surge protection and safety capacitors for Class X and Y applications, low inductance, high temperature and stacked chip capacitors. The Knowles product range includes standard and high voltage ceramic chip capacitors through to application specific capacitor assemblies and highly complex planar capacitor arrays.
It also designs and manufactures a range of EMI filters ranging from 10pF to 2.2µF with working voltages to 3kVdc, including SMD 'C' and pi-filters, X2Y Integrated Passive Components, threaded and solder-in panel mounted styles, planar arrays for filter connectors and discoidal capacitors.
Knowles currently has ISO 9001 Company Approval. Product approvals include CECC, UL, TÜV and Semko.
All standard surface mount chip capacitors are RoHS compliant, and are suitable for lead-free soldering processes. See the Knowles Capacitors website for further RoHS and WEEE details for these and the other product ranges.

Samwha, Ltd

SAMWHA Capacitor is leading the digital revolution in the electronics and telecom-munication industry. Samwha line of products include high value capacitors such as Power Capacitors, MLCC, EMI Filter, Chip Inductor, MLV and SMDC, Ultra High Voltage MLCC.

SAMWHA Capacitor is doing its utmost to become the world's industry leader as we grew into the 21st century.

Products list: Ceramic Cap Arrays, Ceramic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Varistors