Resistors Array

NIC - Nippon Industries Co. Ltd.

Nippon Industries Co., Ltd. (NIC) started its operations on 2nd August 1975 in Tokyo, Japan, with the aim of producing electrolytic capacitors and resistors.

While its first products were traditional capacitors and resistors, NIC has since developed surface mount devices in order to comply with global industrial needs. Thanks to consistent efforts to improve their quality and service, NIC branded capacitors and resistors have been recognised as quality products from the market and have been approved by leading enterprises in the world.

Under the motto "Innovation for Tomorrow", Nippon Industries' aim is to offer even more reliable products and better service than yesterday to all its customers.

Products list: Ceramic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Polyester Capacitors, Resistors, Tantalum Capacitors

Walsin Technology Corporation

Walsin Technology Corporation is a Tawianese company and leading manufacturer with dynamic growth and worldwide presence, specializes in the production of passive components. The company's product lineup includes multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), chip resistors and arrays, LTCC high frequency components (including antennas and filters), multi-layer common mode filters, EMI and ESD filters, varistors, and positive temperature coefficient resistors.

Founded in 1992, Walsin Technology has continually grown its business operations by placing emphasis on research and development. Also Walsin Technology has improved quality and productivity at its four plants in China, as well as at its factories in Taiwan.Walsin Technology aims to become one of the top three manufacturers in the world in the area of discrete passive components and modules.

Walsin is the biggest company of the PSA Group.

Products list: Ceramic Cap Arrays, Ceramic Capacitors, Disc Capacitors, EMC Components, Inductors, Radial Capacitors, Resistors, RF Products, Varistors