Holystone Enterprise Company Limited (HEC)

Holy Stone Enterprise Company Limited (HEC) – a market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality multilayer ceramic capacitors and ceramic-based RF components.

Holy Stone Enterprise Company Limited is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with factories in Lungtan, Taiwan, and Guangdon, China. The company was founded in 1981 and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Holy Stone’s European headquarters, based in Norwich, UK.

Holy Stone produces a broad line of standard and specialised products with the support of an advanced materials laboratory in Japan. Our modern factories utilise state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The facilities are ISO-9000-2000, ISO-14001 and QS 9000 certified. The company also holds many internationally recognised product approvals for its safety capacitors.

To complement the full range of ceramic capacitors, there is a strong focus on Application Specific Products and Technologies such as:

• High voltage capacitors (200VDC to 10KVDC)
• Y3/X2 and Y2/X1 SM safety-certified capacitors
• X1/Y2 and X1/Y1 safety-certified disc capacitors
• Polymer terminated capacitors (SuperTerm)
• High C/V Tantalum replacements (1uF to 100uF)
• High CV Class 1 (NPO/COG) products for stability and efficiency
• LTCC components for a variety of RF applications
• High-Q and Low ESL at high frequency
• EMI chip filter products
• Chip capacitor arrays
• Low profile capacitors
• High voltage disc capacitors for inverter and power supplies

Products list: Ceramic Cap Arrays, Ceramic Capacitors

12 April 2017 HOLYSTONE – New Product Releases HCT Series (X7T dielectric) / HCP series (X7P dielectric)

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HolyStone is pleased to announce the release two new product ranges, these are the HCT Series and HCP Series. Attached are the datasheets for both these new ranges.



02 May 2011 Holystone - New Extended High Caps Range

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Holystone has recently invested on a new Ceramic Tape Casting Machine which enables them to produce


02 May 2011 Holystone – MLCC High Caps

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Holystone increased their 0805 high cap range introducing 1uF , 50V with dielectric X7R.


23 June 2016 HOLYSTONE – New Series X7P Low DC Bias MLCC’s

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Holystone has introduced a new dielectric material (X7P) which exhibits improved DC bias characteristics over X7R.