Flexibile solutions strengthen business

logistic Mec

Short electrical board life? Continuous technological development? Long-term planning becoming difficult?

MEC’s answer is its extreme flexible approach and focus on customer demands, to insure keeping pace with the evolving market and even anticipating it. MEC has learned how to speak its customers ‘language’:

  • Personalized Bar Code Labelling – labelling the products using the customers part numbers, making it easier for the customer to receive goods.
  • Consignment stock, ship-to-stock and managing customers MRP is our answer to help manage the customers stores efficiently.
  • World Wide Logistic Partnership Support – Logistic service to support all brand partners in the word. Covering all nations from France to Brazil, Germany to China.
  • New LSP Service, an extended Pan-European logistic service, connecting world wide EMS directly to those manufactures who do not have their facilities in a particular territory