Passive and piezoelectric components activating the world!


1978 Established in Bologna manufacturing crystal units.
1980 Started distributing passive components.
The company starts investing in introducing SMT technology which becomes a focus of the market.
1992 Milan branch is opened.
1995 Obtains the ISO 9002 certifications.
1996 Padua and Rome branches become operational.
1997 New headquarters in Bologna is inaugurated.
1998 Bar code system is introduced for the warehouse management.
2001 MEC GmbH is established, to pursue MEC’s ambition to get into the German market.
2003 Bologna’s headquarters doubles their warehouse automating it.
2007 Supplier LSP management is introduced.
2008 Introduction of automated equipment for labelling.
2011 Introduction of automatic labelling machines and DATAMATRIX.
2012 Becoming AEO compliant.
2013 Expansion into UK market.
2015 Bologna's headquarters warehouse doubles in size.